18 March 2014

It's time I should do a small tutorial on how to submit your giveaway to my blog, and SOME of you still do not send the giveaway information as I have stated in the submission page.

So here's a detailed tutorial for you if you are not familiar or not well aware of how to submit your giveaway info.

1. Giveaway Name

It's the most important part of your giveaway submission apart from the giveaway photo. so,
It must be simple - (Use only around 4-5 words so people will actually read your title)
Use limited capital letters-(Don't shout out your giveaway title, capitalize only the first letter of the words.)
Use only the essential terms- The product you are giving away, an adjective describing the product (cute, Korean, beautiful) and the word Giveaway
Eg;- Korean Cosmetics Giveaway

2. Link to the post

First, you have to know that this is NOT the link to your home page.. not- http://international-giveaways.blogspot.com/
You can find the link to your post, either
By right clicking on the post title , while it's on the home page and select "Copy link address" 
When you open the post by clicking on it, you will see the link at the top of your web brower
And this is what you should send me.

3. Ends on

This is also important for the readers to know exactly when your giveaway ends.
so use the date format-  ( 01 August 2012) 

4. Open to

Show who can join the giveaway, and specify the country availability exactly

5. Prizes

The list of prizes, so people can get a better idea of your giveaway before they join

6. Link to the picture

The MOST IMPORTANT section of your submission. Here you must only send me the link of the image.
Not the link to your home page.
Not the link to your giveaway post.
Or Do not attach any images with the email.

It doesn't matter whether it's blogger hosted or anything.
I just want the link that ends with .jpeg / .png  / .gif or any image format.

How to find the link to the giveaway picture.
you can either
Click on your giveaway picture, and copy the link that appears on the blog address bar. But it MUST end with an image format, and NOT wtih .html or .com

Or Just right click on the image and select- "Copy Image Link"/ "copy image URL"

Here's how exactly your image link should be..
http://www. (the web address)  .jpeg



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